Cutie Pie Capítulo 3 episode

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The children of the two companies are engaged to each other. One doesn’t want matchmaking while the other wants to conquer it! Meet Hia Lian and Kuea Keerati right away.
We can start with the positives. I liked the actors (for the most part – to be honest, New’s crying scenes sometimes felt inauthentic) and the chemistry between the couples was pretty good. Not stunning in any way, but enough to make me realize they were actually attracted to each other. I have loved almost every friendship too! Kuea and Kon-Diao were great best friends and supported each other in a way I never seem to see in fiction. I also loved all of Kuea’s schoolmates – they were hilarious and so much fun to watch on screen. And honestly, Syn and Nuer’s little side-by-side relationship was the best-executed storyline of the entire series. The last plus point was Foei, who was a secondary character who stole the show every time he showed up; I really liked the comedy it brought.

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